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Worthington's Winter Warmer! Spend more than £30 in the shop and get a copy of the 'My Turn To Be Poorly' CD absolutely free! Offer while stocks last.

'Twelve Tweets' Desk Calendar

Brand new and the perfect Christmas gift: a quality desk calendar with twelve of John's best ever tweets - one for each month of 2013, hilariously illustrated by Kevin "Unaccompanied Lady" Baldwin. Includes many fascinating dates, such as Chris Rea's birthday (March 4th) and Swarfega invented (October 1st, 1947) So it's a mini encyclopedia too!

The Yamaha Years

  John’s first CD release features studio recordings of 20 of his finest songs, including Y Reg, M62, Bride’s Nightie, Pigeons in flight etc.
The Yamaha Years - John Shuttleworth

CD £10

The Dolby Decades

Twenty more of John's finest recordings to date, the long awaited follow up to 'The Yamaha Years'. Tap your toes to such classics as 'Three Men In A Van', 'Blatherwyke', 'I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now', 'Disaffected Youth', 'Mutiny Over The Bounty' and 'Scenes From South Yorkshire' and many many (well, fourteen) more!
The Dolby Decades - John Shuttleworth

Out Of Stock!

The Shuttleworths 1

The legendary 1st BBC Radio 4 series, previously available on audio cassette. 6 hilarious episodes including ‘Cotton Buddies’, ‘Minibreak In Giggleswick’, and ‘John Goes To London’ featuring Tony Hatch!
The Shuttleworths, Vol. 1 - John Shuttleworth

Double CD £10

The Shuttleworths 2

The reissuing of John's early radio shows is completed with this classic series from summer 1995! Double CD includes 'The Birthday Bench' and 'Wireless Wanderings'
The Shuttleworths, Vol. 2 - John Shuttleworth

Double CD £10

The Shuttleworths 3

- the complete 3rd series. Contains 6 classic episodes including 'Pingpong Pangs' - John's quest to find a table tennis partner, and 'Caravan Capers', featuring the heart-rending ballad "She Lives In Hope". Previously available on cassette. Now digitally remastered, but don't worry- it still sounds nice and ropey!

Double CD £10

The Shuttleworths 4

- the complete fourth Radio 4 series. 6 episodes, including “Cough in the Loft” – John’s quest to find a missing digital watch; “Chrome Alone” when Ken gets lost on John’s tape deck; and “Every Cloud has a Silver Wedding” featuring Joan Chitty in nowt but her leotard!

Double CD £10

The Shuttleworths 5

- the complete fifth Radio 4 series. 6 episodes, including “Smells Like White Spirit”, "A Gig With Billy Joel", not featuring the legendary self styled 'piano man', and the classic "How's Yer Nan?"

Double CD £10

The Shuttleworths Specials

3 of the best Christmas BBC Radio 4 shows. Xmas Eve 93, New Years Eve 93, and "The Leg End of Robin Hood" from 2000. Inspired, little known Shuttleworths material, a rare treat.

CD £8

Blue John

A reissue of the 2001 collection of rarities and previously unreleased material, including excerpts from 'Seven Songs By Sunset', 'The Ghost Of Giggleswick' and 'Do You Ken Ken Worthington', the classic 'Catch the Fox' and much more!

CD £10

Radio Shuttleworth 1

- four fabulous episodes from the original Radio 4 series of 1998. Previously released on audio cassette, now digitally remastered. Features John at home with Leo Sayer, Wendy Craig, Sir Patrick Moore, John Kettley plus madcap phonecalls, superduper music and comedy from John Hegley, Sean Cullen, Lorraine Bowen and others.

Double CD £10

Radio Shuttleworth 2

four episodes from the Sony award nominated 2nd series, featuring Tony Hart, Richard Whiteley, Matthew Kelly plus music and comedy from Bill Bailey, John Otway, Stephen Frost and Hattie Hayridge.

Double CD £10

4 Rather Tasty Tracks

John's chartbusting EP, containing the stunning quartet 'I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now', 'Tummy Trouble', 'Serial Cereal Eater' and 'Two Margarines'.

Watch the Video!

CD £4

John Shuttleworth's Open Mind

Explore again with John unsolved mysteries, Ghosts, Vampires, Peter Cornelius and Les the Budgie. With special guests including Patrick Mower and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Double CD £10

One Foot In The Gravy

John's acclaimed tour taped at Shepherd's Bush Empire in April 2001. Features guest appearance by Brian Appleton.
One Foot In the Gravy - John Shuttleworth

Double CD £10

The Minor Tour

The Minor Tour (and other Mythological Creatures) recorded at Wakefield's Magnificent Theatre Royal in 2009.Ignore the handful of scuffed seats in the Theatre and enjoy John at the height of his performing powers without having to give him any supper. Also features Dave Tordoff and for contractual obligations, Brian Appleton.


It's Nice Up North

John's acclaimed first feature film in which he ventures to the Shetland Isles to find out if people really get nicer the further north you travel. Watch and find out! DVD extras include deleted scenes and the hilarious animated short,'Unaccompanied Lady'.


Southern Softies DVD

Hilarious sequel to it's Nice Up North, follows John's half-hearted quest to see if it's soft down South. Plus great deleted scenes, and extras including the beloved "Savoury" promo, as seen on Youtube. Limited edition includes free poster!


500 Bus Stops DVD

all four episodes of John and Ken's rock n roll tour of garden centres, freezer shops and underground caverns, as seen on BBC2. Contains trailer for John's first film 'It's Nice Up North' and photo gallery.

DVD £12


John tries to enter Eurovision, with a little help from Terry Wogan, and none at all from Ken.... comes stuffed with extras too!

DVD £12

'One Cup Of Tea Is Never Enough' Mug

Mug printed with cartoon John and musical motif, rated at 300ml capacity or to be less scientific 1.5 cups (to the level marked on the mug), which is neither too much nor not enough, leaving you satisfied and able to face your day.


Southern Softies Pens

Start writing your next screenplay with these slightly soft pens in either pastel pink or limp lavender, with film logo and caption embossed on the side.

£1 each

Southern Softies Postcards - Set!

With memorable moments from John's latest film. Send one (or more) to friends, or your place of work, or if they're too good to send use one of the fridge magnets below to stick it to your fridge! £1.50 the set.

£1.50 each set

JSAS badge!

Reissued in brown and blue for the millennium (better late than never), show your appreciation for £1 for the two.
(mouseover to see other colour)

£1 for two

Ping Pong fridge magnet

'Ping Pong' Fridge Magnet. John practices keepie-uppies, utilising the hard side of the bat, on this attractive and useful kitchen accessory. Stick it on your fridge, or indeed any other ferrous object, to inspire you to exercise rather than snack!


'It's Nice Up North' T Shirt

white cotton t shirt with the "It's Nice Up North" logo in red accompanied by a lovely drawing of a sheep - with a face that seems to resemble a certain versatile singer/organist, or is that just an optical illusion? Buy one to find out! Available in a sadly decreasing range of sizes.. XXL, S, Child. (Use the drop down menu to select - kiddie choices are there!)




Hone Your Lyrics Pen

'Hone Your Lyrics' biro, with inspiring portrait of John encouraging you to craft a pop smash with this sturdily manufactured pen. Can also be used for word searches, sudoku etc. Random colour supplied!


Shuttleworth in Shetland

Assorted postcards from 'It's Nice Up North' featuring John in various groovy poses.
£1.50 for a set of 4.

£1.50 the set

Elma Johnson - Her Story

Elma, Star of 'It's Nice Up North', talks to John Shuttleworth about her life. Shetland stories and music make up the half hour - if you liked her in 'It's Nice Up North' you'll love this.


Brian Appleton - My Turn To Be Poorly

- reissue of Brian's classic waxing, with the genre-moulding classics 'Lucy, You've Got The Wrong Wardrobe', 'My Turn To Be Poorly' and 7 others!


Jilted John - True Love Stories

- Recent re-release of a classic cult LP of 1978. Includes original version of single, plus 2 bonus tracks from Gordon!


'Make A Concrete Decision' T Shirt

White cotton t shirt with Dave on the front and contact details on the back! Make a concrete decision to buy one now in XXL, XL, M or S. (Use the drop down menu to select)