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Hello Everyone, Ken Worthington here! Are YOU having fun, fun, fun, fun, fun this Summer? If not, it's possible that you don't have access to the 'A1111 - and Other Ones' This fine collection of Shuttleworth songs - described by 6 Music's Stuart Maconie as 'John Shuttleworth's Sgt. Pepper', Oo, I say! - has been out of stock, for some time, you see. But I've had some more copies burned - 'Oo, that's not very good for the environment Ken! No it isn't, you're right!' - but anyway the CD is now back in my online shop. Yippee! And guess what - there are some other vintage CD and DVD titles there too which I thought I'd run out of (I found them hiding in my loft behind some empty Malibu bottles)These include 'Blue John' and 'Europigeon' If you don't already own these classic titles, you may want to add them to your Shuttleworth Collection. (And I'm not talking old aeroplanes here, folks!) Oh, and did I mention John's T Towel featuring 'Daily Domestic Dilemmas - and how to Deftly Dodge 'em' is back on sale too? Perfect for drying up your picnic plates - or you can just hang it on your wall like a medieval tapestry! It's all here in Kenny's shop open now! Orderly queue.. No pushing or jostling please!
Newcastle fans have the chance to catch a special screening of 'Father Earth' at the St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay on September 27th at 7.30 pm - tickets available from their website - and don't forget the DVD or film rental is still available! That's all for now, folks. I'll be in touch again soon with some very exciting news about Mr Shuttleworth and his future plans. Enjoy the rest of your Summer, and maybe I'll see you on the beach at Sutton on Sea! Tata for now, Kenny x

Greetings! John Shuttleworth here! I'm a versatile singer/organist from Sheffield in South Yorkshire, and I'm married to Mary, a dinnerlady at a local primary school. Welcome to my "new look" website which has been revamped at very little expense, as you can see from this crumpled paper, not to mention the tatty tongue and groove in the background, oof !

Feel free to subscribe to Ken's occasional newsletter "WWW" - Worthington's Worthwhile Wafflings. (mm, clever..) Ken Worthington is my nextdoor neighbour and sole agent who came last on "New Faces" in '73, when Tony Hatch crucified him. I caught that particular edition, and Ken was dreadful, as he freely admits. Despite this, he pens a mean (yet always ribtickling) newsletter, so "subscribe today!" is my advice. (Incidentally, although you're subscribing, there is no subscription fee. Isn't that just fantastic news?!)

"A note of caution": if you're here because you're looking for an architect, or a yacht builder, or doing some family history research, well, I'm sorry, you've made a grave error, and I would ask you to log out immediately. Then again, as you've read this far, why not tarry a little longer and explore!

Tata for now,

John Shuttleworth